Simple. Strong. Adaptable.

Our Mission

Rotite Technologies provides unique and innovative mechanical or combined connection solutions to both manufacturers and consumers – guaranteeing superior measurable values to all stakeholders.

Our Vision

To revolutionise and streamline connection technology, contributing to sustainable products and manufacturing solutions.

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The Technology

A fundamentally new fastening system that offers a range of benefits to all industries. Rotite technology is a scalable system of precision connectivity combined with a simple, intuitive action. The technology employs a rotary interlocking system that can be made in a range of materials using a number of techniques. Mould it, ‘Print’ it Machine it or Cast it – It is suited to standard or advanced materials and engineering processes. read more...

Rotite is based on a mathematical principle and is scalable to any size. It can be fine-tuned to meet the specification. The simplicity of Rotite could help reduce weight and component count whilst improving efficiency and functionality. Rotite could revolutionise your design – want to Know How?


Aerospace – Rotite can be configured to enhance structures, as it can be be integrally moulded into composite materials. This helps reduce weight, save space and make assembly processes more streamlined.

Automotive – Rotite is particularly suited to demanding challenges where saving weight and space are paramount. Rotite can form robust connections in metals and polymers. Rotite can connect dissimilar materials in harsh environments and can incorporate electronic or hydraulic connectivity read more

…providing added value and improved functionality. Given the large quantity of connectors used in modern vehicles, there’s a huge potential to use Rotite to improve your design, reduce component count or speed up assembly.

Manufacturing – If you need to increase productivity or precision, reduce downtime or speed up assembly, Rotite can provide elegant solutions read more

…which are precise and repeatable, Rotite is particularly suited to reducing maintenance costs and associated labour. Such labour reductions are applicable to Lean manufacturing methodologies such as SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die)

Consumer goods – Rotite’s precise and positive action provides a great user experience whilst improving products by design. As a mould-in fastening technology Rotite can provide leaner design, greener manufacturing and simplified recycling. read more

… Rotite is applicable to high volume manufacturing, so integrating Rotite technology into products can provide smarter means of manufacturing and deliver intuitive and engaging experiences to the end-user.


Know How

If you are researching Rotite, you are in the right place. Choose one of the options below to find out more…

  • Get technical – Find out more about how Rotite can help solve your engineering challenges… please get in contact at
  • Get involved – Rotite is developing a range of applications in conjunction with our ever-growing network of technical partners. We are always keen to collaborate and form new commercial or research partnerships.
    Get in contact so we can discuss research or development projects. Send us an email to
  • The costs – There is a range of off-the-shelf commercial/manufacturing opportunities and exclusive licenses may be available. Send us an email to for more information.


Develop products using Rotite – We’re always looking for co-development opportunities – if you’re an engineer or product designer, or just keen to find out more about the range of benefits Rotite can offer you and your clients, get in contact to find out more.

Rotite In-house product development – Shorten your developmental life cycle by working with us. As a passionate team, we are currently developing a range of practical products incorporating Rotite technology. Get in contact to find out more about the benefits of Rotite and collaborative funding opportunities.

Rotite products – More coming soon…

About us


  • We offer design, development and consultation services to help you shorten your product development life cycle.
  • The team at Rotite Technologies is passionate, pro-active and constantly developing our technology.
  • Rotite can offer fastening solutions or co-develop your application.
  • Rotite Technologies aims to provide practical product solutions and provide its clients with novel and effective fastening systems.
  • We’re keen to discuss your developments, whichever industry you come from and we provide our clients with the strictest confidentiality.



Photo: Stuart

Stuart Burns – Managing Director & Inventor

Stuart has spent the past 10 years as an experienced inventor, product designer, and university lecturer. Stuart is passionate about problem-solving for safety-critical industries including marine and construction. Stuart is a proud proponent of contemporary manufacturing technologies and as such embraces all things 3D.

Photo: Ian

Ian Cox – Engineering Director

Ian has spent over 35 years in the advanced departments of automotive companies in Design, Research, Development, and Manufacturing and Production disciplines both in an Engineering and Management capacity.

Ian has worked all over the world in F1 Motorsport, Commercial Vehicles, Passenger cars, Agricultural and Tier1 companies and is used to working with the required processes and intellectual properties to bring new products to market.

Photo: Jim

Jim Murray-Smith – Chairman

Jim is an accomplished technologist, manufacturer and industrial leader. He has built several AIM-listed businesses and is as comfortable in discussions around complex early stage IP as he is in plc boardrooms.

Photo: Matthew

Matthew Harte – Commercial Director

Matthew has many years’ experience in high technology start-ups, taking a number of companies through to profitability. In particular, Matthew was Managing Director at Biocote, a leading branded antimicrobial company and COO of Protomed, a medicine management business. He is customer-focused and is implementing the commercial strategy to grow new business at Rotite


Photo: Zulf

Zulf Ali – Commercial strategist

Zulf is highly experienced in strategy design, programme management, project management, team development, business turnaround, mergers and acquisitions.

Photo: Andy

Andy McLintock – Finance

Andy has many years’ experience in the financial services sector including small cap investment management and stockbroking. He has also set up, advised and worked with a range of small businesses and was a founding partner of an FSA stockbroker.  Andy is involved in the day-to-day financial control of Rotite and is also Company Secretary.