Advanced Fastening Solutions

Rotite is an industrial technology business that designs advanced fastening solutions.

The Rotite system is simple, strong and adaptable and is applicable to all industries. Offered in a range of materials including composites and metals, Rotite is a future-facing solution. Click here to see our applications.

Rotite solutions are time-saving, space saving, weight saving, and ultimately cost saving.

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The Technology

The patented technology uses an interlocking joint that rotates to fasten parts in place.

A range of solutions are available and we can adapt to suit any application. Rotite can be produced in a vast range of materials and can be scaled to any size.


Cost Saving                                                        Time Saving

 Removing post moulding processes.            Removing assembly processes.

 Reducing amount of material.                       Cannot be over-tightened.

 Reducing assembly time.                                Intuitive self locating design.


Weight Saving                                                    Space Saving

 Part reduction.                                                  Lower profile than traditional fasteners.

 Replacing heavy fasteners.                             Integrally moulded into parts.

 Increasing strength of structures.                 Low axial height required for fastening.


Eco / Lean                                                           Speed / Ease

 Reduced material mix.                                    Reduced rotation to tighten.

 Simplified recycling.                                        No cross-threading.

 Decreased downtime.                                     Low pre-load required.



Rotite technology is based on a simple principle, which gives it an easily adaptable nature. It meets high strength requirements and can be customised with an array of functional features. Because of this, there is a solution for your industrial application.

Aerospace   read more

Rotite can be moulded into composite structures, which removes the need for holes to be drilled, preventing the structure’s strength from being compromised. In addition, Rotite can withstand high loads and temperatures and can be made in polymer and metal. These attributes allow for cost-saving applications throughout the industry.  

Automotive   read more

As well as Rotite’s compatibility with composites, it can save weight and space through material choice and design. This is helped by the ability to include hydraulics and electronics in Rotite connections. It can also streamline production and recycling processes through its ability to be moulded directly into material.

Manufacturing   read more

Rotite has a number of applications in different areas of the manufacturing industry. Rapid and precise tooling changeover is a particularly elegant application for Rotite. Product assembly as well as robotics are two more areas that can be simplified using the technology.

Consumer goods   read more

Rotite’s small-turn action greatly benefits user experience and ease of use. Rotite specialises in quick, interchangeable joints that also allow electronic connectivity, making it a viable prospect for a great amount of consumer products. As a mould-in fastening technology, Rotite can provide leaner manufacture and recycling.

Marine   read more

As well as it’s ability to take high pressures and loads, Rotite’s adaptable nature allows hermetic seals and enclosures to be designed into Rotite solutions, making Rotite extremely viable for use in the industry. Interchangeable equipment, quick connections and seals as well as modular designs are just a few of the areas which Rotite can help streamline.

Construction   read more

Rotite is not only a fast and lightweight system. It is also exceptionally strong, making it ideal for the construction industry. Whether used for heavy lifting applications, semi-permanent structures, or high strength structural supports, Rotite can save cost by making processes faster and creating more space-efficient designs. 

Rotite can be applied to many more applications than those shown above. If you don’t see any that apply to your business, don’t hesitate to ask. Contact.

How We Work

We design, develop and licence advanced fastening solutions.

Our engineering consultants can work with you to take your Rotite solutions through development, industrialisation and commercialisation.

Our focus is on licencing our technology by developing intelligent Rotite solutions.

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Who We Are

We are a technology business based in central Manchester with expertise in product design, R&D and manufacturing of new products.



Photo: Stuart

Stuart Burns – Inventor & Innovation Director

Stuart has spent the past 10 years as an experienced inventor, product designer, and university lecturer. Stuart is passionate about problem-solving for safety-critical industries including marine and construction. Stuart is a proud proponent of contemporary manufacturing technologies and as such embraces all things 3D.

Photo: Jim

Jim Murray-Smith – Chairman

Jim is an accomplished technologist, manufacturer and industrial leader. He has built several AIM-listed businesses and is as comfortable in discussions around complex early stage IP as he is in plc boardrooms.

Photo: Matthew

Matthew Harte – Commercial Director

Matthew has many years’ experience in high technology start-ups, taking a number of companies through to profitability. In particular, Matthew was Managing Director at Biocote, a leading branded antimicrobial company and COO of Protomed, a medicine management business. He is customer-focused and is implementing the commercial strategy to grow new business at Rotite.


Photo: Zulf

Zulf Ali – Commercial strategist

Zulf is highly experienced in strategy design, programme management, project management, team development, business turnaround, mergers and acquisitions.

Photo: Andy

Andy McLintock – Finance

Andy is extremely experienced in the financial services sector including small cap investment management and stockbroking. He has also set up, advised and worked with a range of small businesses and was a founding partner of an FSA stockbroker.  Andy is involved in the day-to-day financial control of Rotite and is also Company Secretary.