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Design and Develop

How we work...
We work in partnership with you through the three stages of development - Prototype, Scale Up and Production. 

Each stage is project managed to smoothly incorporate the Rotite technology into your business. As your design partners we fully engage with you and encourage feedback at all stages as we progress through to the industrialisation process. 

Our goal is to understand your challenges and deliver a solution.
Design and Prototype

We engage with you to clearly identify and define the business improvement or innovation required, by undertaking a thorough technical specification review. Project definition is a necessity to ensure clear performance parameters, deliverables and timelines.  

We CAD model and build prototypes as a first step to overcome your industrial challenge.  

Initial concepts are formulated and presented to you and if required we can create animations to illustrate how the solution works. Following feedback, refinements are made to the design and samples are produced for design review. 

Our design work is diligently undertaken to ensure Technology readiness (TRL) and to maintain an awareness of material and tooling specifications. 

The approved prototype designs are manufactured by a Rotite production partner or a supplier of your choice and we are on hand to support any internal presentation of the completed solution.  

Scale Up

We optimise solutions to align with your chosen production methods and work alongside your supply chain partners to make the most effective production cycle. 

The scale up stage develops the work and analysis undertaken in the prototyping stage to transition your project quickly to manufacturing readiness.  

Working in partnership with internal and external teams (where applicable) as well as your supply chain, the project design is further refined; material specification and tooling requirements are detailed and approved prior to undertaking pilot test runs. 
Cost analyses are revisited to ensure continued feasibility and the full benefits of the Rotite solution are being achieved within the necessary quality assurance thresholds. 

This process of technology transfer is underpinned by identifying personnel needs and staff training both at an engineering and innovation level. We increasingly engage and educate your people about Rotite technology to develop problem solving autonomy.  

Production & Licensing

The production stage involves the full deployment of the Rotite solution.  

Initially this may involve low volume production as the actual cost model for full rate production is developed following full validation of Manufacturing readiness (MRL).  

We ensure that the technology license for your advanced fastening solution is aligned to your cost and production model. There are a number of licensing options available to suit your production ramping and scaling.  

Rotite provides ongoing support and consultancy to deliver the full benefits of the technology. 

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