The Technology

The patented technology uses an interlocking joint that rotates to fasten parts in place.

A range of solutions are available and we can adapt to suit any application. Rotite can be produced in a vast range of materials and can be scaled to any size.


Cost Saving                                                        Time Saving

 Removing post moulding processes.            Removing assembly processes.

 Reducing amount of material.                       Cannot be over-tightened.

 Reducing assembly time.                                Intuitive self locating design.


Weight Saving                                                    Space Saving

 Part reduction.                                                  Lower profile than traditional fasteners.

 Replacing heavy fasteners.                             Integrally moulded into parts.

 Increasing strength of structures.                 Low axial height required for fastening.


Eco / Lean                                                           Speed / Ease

 Reduced material mix.                                    Reduced rotation to tighten.

 Simplified recycling.                                        No cross-threading.

 Decreased downtime.                                     Low pre-load required.